Thursday, August 4, 2011

BerrySync:, now with more github

after a little bit of work ironing out the BerrySync app. Ive shlapped together my synchronization service library. I've dubbed it, now on github.

My Design

I created the library to be as modular as I could, I'm not happy with the results yet but this is the first step after all.

The Fetcher class is a singleton and in order to be used it requires a service to be set, this service must be of the iFetcher interface. That allows me to hotswap or customize the service that I'm using.

On top of that each service can have a different structure or set of needs, so attached to the iFetcher interface are setters for the seperate modules:
  • Encryption module
  • Json decoding module
  • Network connector module

This Release

 I've implemented the bare minimum required steps for FireFox's Sync service. My chosen platform was BlackBerry(obviously), and as a result the modules contain platform specific code. Meaning that different modules will need to be created to port this service to different platforms.

What Can I Do?

< This screenshot is the alpha visual representation of data pulled by Fetcher >
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