Friday, October 1, 2010

Initial Project Plan

What is your chosen project?
If your reading this and haven't looked at my last post, my project is available here. All I can offer is a brief description of the project, I know it will require me to piece together an automated test auite to compare Mozilla's webGL implementation development with other possible implementations to ensure Mozilla's development doesn't slow. It will also involve some webGL demo creation. Unfortunately that's all I know for now. However a call next week with David's contact Vlad from Moznets #gfx channel.

What will your process be for doing this work?
As per the course requirements I will be doing three project releases, you can also keep track of my progress on my personal wiki. Important dates:
  • 15% – 0.1 Release (Due Oct 22)
  • 15% – 0.2 Release (Due Nov 16)
  • 25% – 0.3 Release (Due Dec 7)
From my understanding the first release goal is to put out an automation tool. Refine it by the second release in addition to putting out a webGL demo. At the third release get an openGL control of a similar demo and comparison tools within the automation.

Plan for 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 releases
For each release I will need expanding knowledge of HTML5 and it's canvas object in addition to Javascript for the suite and webGL for the demos. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing or even how to do it. Dave simply pointed me in the direction focused on webGL research for now. He also suggested getting a web page up that uses webGL, even if its very basic.

Who do you need to know and who will you work with?
I'll have three main contacts my teacher David Humphrey, another knowledgeable professor Catherine Leung, lastly Vlad from #moznet. Other then these specific people I'll have access to #seneca and #gfx on irc. So far my conversations have been solely with Dave, with some supplemental lurking on IRC.

Collaboration and contribution? 
Other then these specific people I'll have access to #seneca and #gfx on irc. So far my conversations have been solely with David Humphrey. A phone call with Vlad will happen next week to help flesh out the project and deadlines. My project can help out any my colleagues playing any sort of video or animation using the canvas tag in HTML5. By utilizing my projects functions they should see serious performance gains. On the other hand it would be beneficial for me to get a hold of code used for similar systems so that I can adapt and learn from it.

What barriers stand in your way? 
I'm worried about simply juggling my projects this semester, but I guess baby steps in this new world will help me succeed. Possible risks include shear scope overwhelming me, so I would have to figure out a way to scale it down or scale is back into something more manageable. In order to lessen my risks I need to ask for advice from Dave and simply listen to his sugeestions in addition and applying it to Vlads vision for the project.

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