Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nailing down an OSD project

After a fair bit of procrastination, and finishing other project proposals. The time came around to choose an DPS901/OSD600 project. After briefly going through the list of projects found here. I decided that having a paltry 12 projects to choose from wasn't quite enough.

After speaking to my teacher Dave on IRC I expressed my interest in WebGL, without hesitation David was hitting up his contacts and threw a brand new project to: create a webGL performance test suite. Now that sounds a little daunting. However with the #moznet community and David's guidance, I can't wait soak up these readings and get started.

Here is a list of reading sources thus far:
WebGL Wiki 
Learning WebGL Blog
Mozilla Dev Central WebGL
WebGL Mainpage

I haven't gone through every source in great detail yet. If anyone has more reading suggestions, comment!

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