Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chrome experiments: A Bug's Life

Phase 2 of our: Firefox Performance Testing Lab

After narrowing down all the fun Chrome experiments which use the latest open standards including: HTML5, Canvas, SVG and more! Into significant test cases. That is where most of my class mates would experience our first taste of becoming a contributor to the open source community.

As you can see in my lab link students collaborated together and compiled our results in one place. From there we were on our own. However Not at all because D.Humphrey was available every step of the way to show us how a bug is filed or even if a bug a bug, along side all of the open source community at our finger tips.

My first bug available here. I filed a bug concerning the JavaScript engine when running this chrome experiment.
Steps to recreate:

1. Click launch experiment
2. Drag mouse across experiment window to give you something to bounce against
3. Turn up ball drop rate 15x
Interestingly within minutes of posting the bug and sending to Humph on irc he replied telling me the javascript for the experiment was out of date. So I downloaded the experiment and swapped out the JS with this one provided.

The end result? Minefield performed beautifully and all was well in the world. However I'm still watching the bug for updates to see how I can contribute.

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