Thursday, September 16, 2010

OSD Lab & Biz

Getting into the mystical world of IRC. A previous semester course OOP344 introduced me to IRC as a medium to meet with our entire group and the teacher for meetings or help. However that was just the tip of the iceberg. D.Humphrey described in brief how useful IRC can be and how we can unlock its potential, much of this was go over a bit more in detail here. More importantly it speaks of the Mozilla community in the very same way I needed to hear about it (it's a recorded lecture). They go over mozilla mailing lists, which after hearing about I promptly joined some. The basic community navigation. The most important thing I think that everyone should listen to again was the handling of Bugzilla. Not only how to use the tool, but how to submit them. Very useful!

The second piece of information was an interesting piece speaking of the potential value of open source for education. I have to agree with Dave in his piece available here. We do want meaningful things to do and open source technology is a great avenue to explore that. The original article is available here.

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