Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sundae.js - 0.5 release

Another installation of the budding Canvas reference tester is out!

What is it?
Sundae is framework built to provide a visual pixel difference of rendered images in Html5 canvases. The focus was on providing the functionality to load an known good render result and a render result from your library.

That way when changes are made to your rendering library you can see what the results are. The results come in the form of an exact pixel comparison, plus everything is rendered beside each other for easy visual discernment.

Available here:

How can you help?
Have a feature to add? Found a bug? Submit tickets at:

Changes in 0.5:
  • asynchronous reference canvas filling
  • JSON loading
  • Script loading
  • Basic use test suite

Changes to come: 
  • Asynchronous library loading
  • No loading of duplicate library URL's
  • Updated API
  • Pixel Blurring
  • Less rigid test case requirements
  • Calibration test suite
  • Worker thread support

1 comment:

  1. Hey Carl,
    Just downloaded 0.5. Can't wait to try it with XB PointStream. We really need a ref tester :)