Monday, March 7, 2011

Sundae.js - 0.6 release

It seems like just last week I was coming at you with a release, well, I was. Just a little bit of recap.

What is it?

Sundae is a Canvas reference tester, for more information see my previous release. I want to provide the power and functionality for you to easily compare test cases of your Canvas using library! In preparation for this release I hosted the code on a web server graciously provided by Seneca to each student. To use this you need a WebGL compatible and enabled browser. Such as my personal favourite, Firefox's nightly.

Check it out

After you've obtained a browser got to my hosted page. If getting a whole new browser is a tall order, don't fret check out this screenshot!

Encouraging work:

Check out this blog for a sample of what type of library would use this testing framework. Andor has since helped by submitting tickets to improve the framework.

Available here:

How can you help?

Have a feature to add? Found a bug? Submit tickets at:

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