Friday, April 8, 2011

ECL500 - Drawsy

Dave Seifried and I created a simple paint application for the Blackberry. We made this application to be our culminating project in ECL500, the purpose of the course was to explore Eclipse as a development environment and ultimately use its tools to make something cool!

The Problems
An on going problem is combating the low frame rate environment. Since our draw function is called every frame often times a long sweeping motion leaves gaps because the motion took place between screen refreshes. Unfortunately this problem only gets worst the deeper our stack depth gets.

The Evolution
Originally we were going to port Processing to use RIM's awt implementation this proved to be quite the hassle, then we thought of using Processing.js, which was the reason I made this demo but the in ability to open local .html files and not wanting to rely on a network connection cut that dream short.

Either way here's your exclusive sneak peak at our demo.

Optimizations in the Works
  • Swipe the draw from the previous screen to the current
  • Draw on a back buffer
  • Better control of the screen stack

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