Friday, April 22, 2011

Sundae - 1.0 - XB-pointstream and other unfinished business

My usual rant: Sundae is a canvas reference tester library built in Javascript. My goal is get Processing.js, c3dl, and XB-pointstream to use this tool, but that's just the start who knows what else.

Since we only care about links, eat your hearts out.


1.0 is done I guess I can breathe a sigh of relief, not.

In my last post I went on and on about this thread pool manager, it wasn't until yesterday I found a major bug, where finished workers were never set to available. The answer was more closures! I needed to keep a local reference of itself, within its onmessage, see it here.


After a few stressful hours before I moved out of my house @ York university. Andor Salga and I were hard at work debugging Sundae to work with XB-PointStream. Eventually there was a light at the end of the tunnel, things clicked, my threads lined up and THAT round of bugs was ironed out. Library goal 1, reached. 2 more at Seneca to go.

Whats new with Sundae?
  • Error messages displayed in console on malformed test cases
  • Thread pooler actually works now!
  • Added known fail, counts as a pass
  • Added a progress counter
  • Added some pretty buttons on the page
  • Blurring doesn't cause strange artifacting anymore
  • 3D canvases compared properly, this one was a doozy

OSD700 comes to an end

This has been my favourite and most challenging course to date, the concept of open source technology to a student was so foreign. We're encouraged to take what others have done before us and put our spin on it, in a world where you hear the doom and gloom of academic dishonesty every semester. David Humphrey, Seneca's resident open source teaching bad-ass was inspirational and insightful as ever throughout my experiences in this course. I don't think I'll ever part from open source development after being introduced to the its world. Even if programming stops being a career it's now always a hobby.

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