Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BerrySync: Firefox Sync's JSON urls

I've been working on BerrySync for just over a month now. We've gotten a lot closer to obtaining usable Firefox Sync data, just an update: yesterday I implemented Sync's credential expectations, and last week we determined the url semantics and got a trivial HTTP connector with a work queue implemented on the BlackBerry. 

Getting the Sync JSON:

  1. With the user's account info, create their sync username:
    1.  If it's an old sync account there account name becomes the username
    2. New accounts are emails, which need:
      1. Lowercase it
      2. SHA1 digest it
      3. Base32 encode it
      4. Lowercase it again
  2. GET request
    1. This returns your weave server's address.
  3. GET request weaveServer/1.1/syncUsername/storage/crypto/keys
    • Example Url from Sync 1.1 API
    • All weave node requests will require your syncUsername and account password for authentication
    • This returns a JSON specified here
So I have this implemented in our application BerrySync, currently it's encrusted with RIM libraries and not a library itself, just a workable class that contains a stack of url's which a worker thread plows through returning the results asynchronously.

Giving Back

I intend to package this HTTP connector built in Java as an open source library, hopefully it will contribute to Firefox Sync's third party ecosystem!

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