Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BerrySync: Launching Opera mini xor BlackBerry's Native Browser

An important part of BerrySync will be actually opening up URLs in the browser(s) on your BlackBerry.
After doing a little research I worked out how to not only open the native browser but third party browsers as well.

Opening Native Browser

browserSession = Browser.getDefaultSession();

Wasn't that painless and easy?

Opening 3rd Party Browsers, Opera Mini in this case
Also worthy of note is that fact that this block of code doesn't stop at just browser, you can invoke any third party app by replacing "Opera Mini" or making another if clause. See below or Pastebin.

int[] apps = CodeModuleManager.getModuleHandles();
ApplicationDescriptor[] ad;
ApplicationDescriptor holder;
String[] args = {""};
for(int i = 0, len = apps.length; i < len; i ++){
    ad = CodeModuleManager.getApplicationDescriptors(apps[i]);
    if(ad != null){
        for(int j = 0, adlen = ad.length; j < adlen; j++){
            if(ad[j].getName().equals("Opera Mini")){
                holder = new ApplicationDescriptor(ad[j], args);
                try {
                    break;    //Needed
                } catch (ApplicationManagerException failedToOpen) {}

Code Walkthrough
This code scans through all installed modules on a BlackBerry, it tries to get the application descriptor on each and verifies it against the name of the app you wish to run. The args step is optional, but for our purposes we want to open Opera and goto the specified URL. Lastly the break is needed to stop multiple instances of the app opening since I found that many apps had more then one matching application descriptor

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